Hansen Products has done it again!

The team at Hansen has been working away on a new product that will remove even more stress from water system installation and maintenance.

No it’s not more improvements to their Easy Fit Pipe Fittings that go onto pipes effortlessly nor is it advancements to their easy to use Ball Valves that won’t rust & corrode and are frost friendly, nor is it increased performance from there reliable high performance Superflo and Maxflo trough valves. So what is it?? It is pure genius and so easy to use you will wonder why it wasn’t invented years ago. Hansen is pleased to introduce the Han-Tool!.... the patent pending tool which is used to determine which type and size Hansen Easy Fit Pipe Fittings will fit your pipe.

How many of you have been faced with not knowing what the pipe is you have on your property? In most cases all of the markings are gone off the pipe, sometimes it is hard enough just trying to work out what size the pipe is, let alone what type of material it is made out of! Stress no longer what size, type or even material it is! The Hansen Han-Tool will tell you which Hansen Easy Fit Pipe Fitting will fit your pipes.

How easy is it to use??’s simple, make sure the end of the pipe is cut square, place the pipe inside and outside of the cone and the measurements on the side of the cone will tell you which Hansen fitting will fit your pipe... No expensive tools required, no specialist training...... just good old fashioned practical basic’s!.... No more having to cut small bits of pipe off and go to the stores to try all sorts of fittings.

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