True Fit Tank Fittings
My existing tank level indicator will stick in a position after windy days and I’ve had to replace it a number of times. Will the Hansen Level Alert eliminate this problem?
Yes, we have covered this issue in two ways, firstly by incorporating a HiViz UV stabilised low wind resistant ball and secondly our self lubricating Glass Fibre Reinforced Nylon Sleeve and Stainless Steel rod can’t bend or distort eliminating this problem.
My tank has a very steep roof angle and I cannot find a level indicator that will attach vertically, will the Hansen fit my tank?
Yes, our fully adjustable UniTri mounting base will adapt to any roof angle, the adjustment is a full 35 degrees each way, so once installed you never need to readjust.
I have a number of steel, plastic and concrete tanks on my property, will the Hansen mount on all three types?
Yes, the Hansen Level Alert comes with custom stainless steel fasteners for installation on steel, plastic and concrete tanks.
I have a number of ropes and pulley’s, shafts and mounts lying around that have cost me money over the years, why would I purchase another product when I’m resigned to spending time climbing a ladder?
Great question, because Hansen understands the value of your time and with the Hansen there are no ropes and pulley’s, tubes or smoke and mirrors, only the time tested strength of Glass Fibre Reinforced Nylon and the proven ability of Hansen’s innovative simple effective design. If you already use any of our product range you can answer the question yourself, if it can’t be done we don’t do it, if it can be done we do it simply but effectively.