Fast Fit Tapping Saddles
Often it is hard to know if the seal is in place or if the saddle has moved on the pipe making it impossible to seal. Will the Hansen Tapping Saddle fix this problem?
The Hansen Tapping Saddle covers this in two ways, firstly the spigot stops the possibility of the saddle moving past the hole in the pipe and secondly with the easy to view custom seal spigots you can see at a glance that the seal is in place.
The biggest problem installing saddles is losing parts when working in a trench, especially without much room to move, will the Hansen Tapping Saddle fix this problem?
Yes because the Hansen Tapping Saddle has a hinge and the bolt is fixed, which means you only need two hands to install the Hansen Tapping Saddle.
Is one bolt enough to hold the Hansen Tapping Saddle securely?
Yes under normal circumstances one bolt is sufficient but in the larger sized saddles there is an additional two holes you can bolt for peace of mind.
What sized hole saw will I need to use when installing the Hansen Tapping Saddle?
The hole saw size information is marked on the Hansen Tapping Saddle body. One easy way to check the size is to test that the hole saw fits over the spigot but inside the seal area.
Will the hinge allow the Hansen Tapping Saddle to open wide enough to place around the pipe when working in confined spaces?
Yes you will find the Hansen Tapping Saddle easy to install in confined spaces because the hinge opens past 180° without losing the hinged connection.