Fast Fit Tapping Saddles


Select a hole saw to fit between the min. and max. as marked on the saddle body of your Hansen Tapping Saddle.
Use the pilot guide located on the base of the Hansen Tapping Saddle as a guide to start drilling, then remove the Hansen Tapping Saddle and complete the drilling. Clean off the burrs from the pipe.
Ensure the internal seal is installed. Use the small white spigots to help locate it correctly. Place the Hansen Tapping Saddle around the pipe using the saddle spigot to help locate it in the drilled hole.Tighten bolt.


When adding additional fittings it is recommended that either a thread sealing paste or thread sealing tape be used on all threaded connections. We recommend LOCTITE 5331
Click to download the Tapping Saddle assembly instructions
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