Quick Connect Unions
Can I use your Hansen Union for easy service of my pump?

Yes, by installing an Hansen Union on both the inlet and
outlet you effectively have a barrel union and poly joiner in one fitting which allows you to undo two common centre nuts and easily lift your pump out for
I have a situation where I would liketo connect into an existing stock water line out the back of the farm for filling a spray tank to save travel time when spraying. Can I use a Hansen Union for this purpose?

Yes, as long as there is an isolating valve nearby you can install a poly to poly Hansen Union and purchase a ball to poly pipe tail for your tank fill pipe length and quickly hook into this line when required.
I’ve had to replace my suction fitting on my pump as it snapped and now I can’t align my pump back to the bolts it was held in place with. Will your Hansen Union help me here?

Yes, the reason your fitting failed was the same reason you can’t line up the
bolt holes now, the suction line was never lined up with the pump intake. Try a male to poly Hansen t Union in the size you require.
This will also mean you can bolt down your pump first, attach both parts of the Hansen Union to the pump and poly pipe and then just connect the fitting with common centre nut.