HiFlo Valves
Will the Hansen valve work in my calf shed bowl troughs?
Yes the valve was designed as a compact valve for use in small troughs and header tanks or any situation where the valve space is confined.
The pressure at my compact trough’s is quite high and the compact float valves I have used either don’t last very long or they don’t shut off properly. Will the Hansen valve work with high pressure?
Yes the valve has the arm pivot point positioned to allow closing at pressures up to 12 bar (174 psi). 
I have found the rubber seats in the compact float valves I am using don’t last very long, does the Hansen valve use the same rubber seat?
No, the seat we use in Hansen float valves are urethane which is a very durable and hard material. The seal is also reversible if a foreign body should damage it. 
II have a header tank in my house that is very noisy while filling, will the Hansen valve be any quieter?
 The noise while the tank is filling is caused by the high velocity of the water from the valve outlet into the tank. The valve outlet doubles as a spigot so you can attach a length of hose to allow the flow to be placed onto the bottom of the tank eliminating this noise.
What size tank inlet do I need to fit the Hansen valve?
All the Hansen float valves carry a 25mm (1”) female thread on the valve inlet. This gives you a couple of benefits. The valve will fit inlets from 15mm to 50mm when using our range of adaptors. The additional material used at the inlet to form the female thread strengthens the valve at an area that has been identified as a weak point in other brands of valves.