Building Product Information Sheets 

This section contains documents required to be available to the consumer for products that are used in building covered by the New Zealand Building Code. These include MBIE Building Product Information Sheets. For Relevant Certificates and Approvals please see sections below.

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Hansen Products (NZ) Limited are justifiably proud to be certified to ISO9001:2015 by Telarc Certifying Authority. ISO 9001:2015 is a Quality Management System which aids to increase the  efficiency and effectiveness of any organisation, to manage the processes and activities used to  eliminate risk to the customer and to ensure that its products and service conform to customer  requirements, thus ensuring customer satisfaction.

The ISO 9001 definition of “quality” refers to all  the features of a suppliers product and service, which are required by the customer. As part of ISO Certification, a fully documented quality system must be in place which is audited by  an approved accreditation body at planned intervals (usually every 6 months). These audits ensure  that the system is being implemented and followed. Every 3 years a recertification audit is conducted. 

Internally our Process covers internal audits of the system. Inspections have been implemented at  the following stages of manufacture; goods inwards, first off, in process, final, and customer return  analysis. Non-conformances are checked to ensure corrective actions are taken and are the actions  effective. The system covers training, that all processing is fully documented, that work instructions  are available for all tasks, that all documentation is controlled, and customer requirements are clear. 

We are certified for the design, manufacture, assembly, packaging, distribution and marketing of our  products. 

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AS/NZS 4020:2018

AS/NZS 4020:2018 - Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water. 

  • Determines the methods used and the measure of compliance for the effects of a product on the  taste and appearance of water. 
  • Determines the ability of a product to support the growth of micro-organisms and the quantity of  toxic metallic and non metallic substances leached from the product when exposed to the test  water. 

HANSEN™ Easy Fit Pipe Fittings, Easy Fit Compression Fittings, True Fit Threaded Fittings,  True Fit Tank Fittings, Quick Connect Unions, Quick Couplings, Full Flow Ball Valves, Foot  Valves & Check Valves, Fastflo Valve, Superflo Valve, Maxflo Valve and Leveller Valve meet the  above standard as tested by an independent testing authority, the Australian Water Quality Centre. 

HANSEN™ Easy Fit Pipe Fittings in sizes 15mm to 50mm (1/2” to 2”), Easy Fit Compression Fittings in sizes 16mm to 110mm, True Fit Threaded Fittings in sizes 6mm to 100mm (1/8” to 4”),  True Fit Tank Fittings in sizes15mm to 100mm (1/2” to 4”), Full Flow Ball Valves in sizes 15mm to  50mm (1/2” to 2”), Foot Valves & Check Valves in sizes 25mm to 63mm (1” to 2 1/2”) Fastflo Valve in sizes 15mm to 25mm (1/2” to 1”), Superflo Valve in sizes 15mm to 25mm (1/2” to 1”), Maxflo Valve in size 20mm to 32mm 3/4” to 1 1/4”) Leveller Valve in sizes 32mm, 40mm & 50mm (1 1/4”  1 1/2”, 2”) and Tapping Saddles in sizes 25mm to 63mm (1” to 2 1/2”) have been AS/NZS 4020  approved.

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The WaterMark™ Certification Scheme is a certification scheme for plumbing and drainage products  to ensure that plumbing and drainage materials and products are fit for purpose and appropriately  authorized for use in plumbing installations. It also provides a uniform national approach to plumbing  product approvals. The plumbing industry in Australia & New Zealand supports the use of the  WaterMark™ which, when used properly, is an excellent way of helping consumers be confident  about the quality of the plumbing product to which it is applied. Material and product failures in  plumbing systems can cause contamination of the water system and be a public health concern.  Under the Scheme, Hansen Easy Fit Compression Fittings & Rapidflo & Sloflo Rain Relief Valves  carry the WaterMark approval and are accepted for use in all Australian states and territories &  throughout New Zealand - subject to correct installation practices in accordance with AS/NZS 3500  and any local deviations. 

The procedures and technical requirements of this scheme are identified in:  
AS 5200.000-2006 Technical specification for plumbing and drainage products - Procedures for  certification of plumbing and drainage products. 

The Watermark Certification at Hansen is achieved through: 

  • Testing by a recognised testing laboratory;  
  • Comply with an approved specification (WaterMark Technical Specification);
  • Is manufactured in accordance with an approved Quality Assurance Program 
  • Carries a warranty 

Easy Fit Compression Fittings Certification No: WMKA21978 

Rapidflo & Sloflo Rain Relief Valves Certification No: WMK26232 

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WRAS formerly known to the industry as Wrc. 

WRAS approval means that HANSEN™ True Fit Threaded Fittings, True Fit Tank Fittings, Easy Fit  Compression Fittings and Quick Connect Barrel Unions are approved for use with potable (drinkable)  water, and that they will not leach contaminants into the water. The Water Research Council in the  UK is the highest recognised water testing organisation in the world and we believe HANSEN™ are  the only plastic threaded pipe fitting in Australasia to achieve this standard. 

The Product and Assessment Group of the Scheme finds that the use of these fittings or units,  when correctly installed, will not contravene the requirements of The Water Supply (Water Fittings)  Regulations 1999, The Water Byelaws 2004 Scotland or the Water Regulations (Northern Ireland)  1991 and that a reference to the fittings or units will be included in the Scheme’s Water Fittings and  Material Directory. 

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Hansen Ball Valves have been approved by the International Marine Certification Institute to ISO  standard 9093-2 and meets the requirements of the Recreational Craft Directive 94/25/EC meaning  that it is safe to use in salt water environments. 

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Hansen Easy fit Compression fittings have met the strict quality and performance standards required to be included in the approved Materials lists for the following Councils;

Watercare Services

Whangarei District Council

Far North District Council

Hamilton City Council

Tauranga City Council

Western Bay District Council

New Plymouth District Council

Whanganui District Council

Palmerston North City Council

Wellington Water

Marlborough District Council

Christchurch City Council

Dunedin City Council

Queenstown Lakes District Council

Co Lab ( Waikato LASS) RITS. This covers 9 Waikato Councils


Hansen Easy Fit Compression fittings meet the or exceed the requirements of  AS/NZS419:2020 and AS/NZS4020:2018 as specified by the following Councils and as such are approved for use in their Networks;

Whakatane District Council

Opotiki District Council

Gisborne District Council

Wairoa District Council

Napier City Council

Central Hawked Bay District Council

Tararua District Council

Carterton District Council

Manawatu District Council

Rangatikei District Council

Ruapehu District Council

Taupo District Council

South Taranaki District Council

Horewhenua District Council

Kapiti Coast District Council

Nelson City Council

Tasman District Council

Kaikoura District Council

Hurunui District Council

Waimakariri District Council

Selwyn District Council

Ashburton District Council

Timaru District Council

MacKenzie District Council

Waimate District Council

Waitaki District Council

Oamaru District Council

Central Otago District Council

Clutha District Council

Gore District Council

Southland District Council

Westland District Council

Grey District Council

Buller District Council