Mystery Creek Fieldays 2022

Mystery Creek Fieldays 2022

This Fieldays at Mystery Creek was a little different, it was held in summer.

Southern Field Days 2020

Another successful Southern Field days attended by Hansen. A great site showcasing Hansen Fittings and Valves in Action. 

AgriKids Otago 2019

Hansen supported the AgriKids in Otago.

Southern Field Days 2019

Another great year had at the Southern Field Days.

NZ Young Farmers Final Napier 2019

Napier held the final for NZ Young Farmers. In the final they were tasked with putting together a pipe system using Hansen Products.

NZ Young Farmers Whanganui 2019

Hansen supporting Young Farmers in Whanganui.

NZ Young Farmers Culverden 2019

Hansen supporting Young Farmers in Culverden.

Mystery Creek Field Days 2019

Another great Mystery Creek Field Days.

Kairakau Boat Club Fishing Contest 2019

Hansen provided support and sponsorship for the Kairakau Boat Club Fishing Competition. Lots of fun was had by all involved. 

Farm Fest Field Days 2019

FarmFest plays a vital role in Australian agriculture and is held in Toowoomba Queensland. Hansen was able to showcase and demonstra